Lines made with fridge poetry

August 18, 2007

The family that always sees calico.
Climb for me.
Quiet is almost more cunning
Who could have the sense
Who could have the grace
Who could know
Drink fish full leap
They ate her cat.

The Family That Always Saw Calico

The family that always saw calico
They ate her cat.
They waited till it’s owner was out
the woman next door,
who didn’t believe in neutering pets
and so who had a pack, a tribe, a troop
a gang, roaming through her house,
they waited till that woman was out
and then, with grins like knives,
cut out curves of juicy melon,
magic markered wicked murders,
rasberry coloured toothy smiles – then
they coaxed the kitty in their house.
And the family that always saw calico,
they really hated cats.
Cats who like to play with calico.
Cats who like to shred with energy –
no respect for thought and planning,
no respect for curtain linings,
cushion covers, table finery –
the family that always saw calico,
they coaxed it through their door
they led it down the hall,
they saw calico.
They ate her cat.

6 Responses to “Lines made with fridge poetry”

  1. tomachfive said

    Oh, gonna miss that cat.

  2. I love Fridge poetry!!!!

  3. embarrassingfriend said

    I think the question here is ‘What have you been eating?’

    (And I know you wrote this before I brought those cakes, so don’t blame me).

  4. That’s nothing. You obviously haven’t read the latest piece..;)

  5. Hey Zaphod, I love fridge poetry too. We should start a secret society. Btw, yes, you can put Nose bleed on your site, quite an honour, thankyou.

    Tomach, nice to see you here again. I’m a secretly frustrated cat owner, in that I don’t have a cat but have for many years, dreamt of having one. One day, the day will come…:)


  6. For sure.
    We have two whole bosex on our fridge
    and for some reason everybody manages to put up sexual innuendo

    And thank you,
    the honour is all mine, I assure you.

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