Raining Purchase Order Numbers.

August 18, 2007

Sitting in Ice Mango, trying to catch up on my stupid backlog of invoices. Am owed lots of money, from 3 different sources, for all manner of poetry gubbins. For some strange reason I seemed to think said monies would just magic themselves into my account without me having to lift a finger. I know this sounds unlikely. Nonetheless, evidence would seem to suggest that this is what I actually thought. Eventually however, one must admit defeat. I am now doing the beastly things.

Mmm. Not an amazingly interesting anecdote. Not really. The story of Lydia’s finances. The minutiae of payment methods. I’ll be on tax returns next. No, really, I will. Don’t get me started.

Moving onto other fascinating stuff, I’m also here in Ice Mango waiting for it to stop raining. I and my fellow arty man in crime, Tim Sayers, are organising an Arty Barby this afternoon. Bring your own food. Bring your own barbecue. Did I mention the rain..? Don’t think the Park Cafe will let us start fires inside.

Will let you know how it goes.

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