September 8, 2007

Today was good. Went to a fantastic writing workshop (off in Rutland) run by the groovy Alison Dunn and John Gallas. Alison had told me how great and lovely John was – and he really was! Didn’t know him before, but there really was nothing to dislike. Just such a genuine, rounded, nice guy.

The poetry exercises were great; not been writing much lately, new day job pressures squeezing the minutes, and the energy. So, it was wonderful to have a whole day devoted to recharging batteries.

It’s funny you know. Time was I would’ve absolutely hated that kind of thing. For me, workshops were just hideous spaces of humiliation. I would be so terrified of failing I wouldn’t go to them, and if I did I’d just fall apart and be incapable of doing anything. That used to happen in the days of my visual arts education. For instance, I’d have to go to a life drawing class. I’d sitting down, feel incredibly sick and just scribble across the page. I’d be trying to do something real but wouldn’t be able to engage my brain beyond my nerves. So scared of failing, I’d be incapable of trying.

That was a long time ago now. A decade, more and thankfully alot’s happened since. Today a workshop was just a workshop-and actually a treat. It’s so different it gives me hope. Things haven’t changed, I suppose I must have and that’s a good feeling.

This is Dunn’s fault you know. All this introspection. If it’s making you queasy, blame her, not me. She gave us these really thought provoking prompts…’where I never go’ for instance…then ‘what now?’…I ask you! I say this in advance in order to abdicate completely from all responsibility. The poems I’m about to post, Dunn’s fault.

Dunn is far too clever. Towsey is blameless:)


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