Damien, take note.

September 10, 2007

Doing a spot of blog browsing just found this wicked poem (Damien, read it and take note, you will never take me alive!)

It’s by Karen McCarthy, whom though I don’t know much about, I heard of through Malika Booker. Went to see Malika do ‘Unplanned’ earlier this year (just after the Freedom trial) and narrowly missed the special ‘Malika with friends’ version of the show. Had really wanted to make that evening ’cause Jean was performing too. Anyway, you’ve probably guessed by now but K.M was also one of the influencing friends I missed. It said she had a blog on the (missed) event marketing. I occasionally visit. By way of taunting myself.

3 Responses to “Damien, take note.”

  1. embarrassingfriend said

    I don’t know what Damien will have to say about this, but I think you should know that the poem you’re linking to is censored by the library service. On clicking the link one is confronted with a ‘Websense’ pop-up, which reads as follows:

    “Your organization’s Internet use policy restricts access to this web page at this time.

    The Websense category “Sex” is filtered.”

    It is just about possible to read it (or some of it..I’m not sure) by simply holding the cursor over the link, though this is hardly ideal. Unless I’m very dense, it doesn’t have very much to do with sex, but I always have a hard time with metaphors and the like.

  2. good lord! really? the library’s gone bonkers. Thought of you other day btw-did you know it’s also free to surf internet at Radio Leicester cafe? Just near the Noodle Bar? Thought you might like to check it out in case you prefered it.

    Speak soon,


  3. embarrassingfriend said

    I didn’t know that, Lydia. I will definitely check it out. I like noodles.

    I just had to log out of the computer I was using because of the hip hop emanating from the earphones of the brother next to me, and had to content myself with a short use machine (on which I have a scant six – no, now five -minutes remaining).

    I just came here from Remit, by the way; it seems promising – will tell you about it in due course. Four minutes left. Actually, three.

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