Independence Day

September 10, 2007

Goodness me! Regular blog comers will note a recent frenzy of post activity. Two days 58 posts. Ok, not quite 58, more like 4 or 5, but still…

Today, it is Monday. I am not working. Hurrah! For all my new job griping (see the post where I bitch about being a coordinator) the flexibility of this post has it’s advantages.  It’s not that I hated my old job. It was great. Very satisfying. It’s just, I did occasionally feel like an overlocker at the turn of the industrial revolution. Clock in, clock out, reporting for duty, sar! Sar! Have successfully left any independence and pretensions to knowing what I’m doing at the door, Sar!..I’m not really being fair of course (especially with that last piss take) but just trying to get across the point. I had a manager.

In this new job, I have a supervisor. This makes a difference. Pretty much, I’m left to get on with things. I’m treated like an adult and trusted to manage myself. I can vary the combination of days I work (making up my 2.5). If I end up booking meetings in on x, y, z..instead of a,b,c that’s fine. No ringing in for permission, no feeling like I’ve executed a small animal. I can work from home, I can work from the nice Internet cafe down the road. The main thing is being effective. Getting stuff  done.

So, today is Monday and I’m at home. To be honest, I’m not actually meant to work Mondays, but I ended up doing so last week and the one before, so it feels like this is a day off. To be honest, recently I’ve been working through the whole week,.Still, I’m getting back on track with it now. Not working today. No. Def not. Gonna do poetry gubbins today. Gonna (maybe) even hoover today. And put a laundry on. MOST IMPORTANTLY, TODAY I WILL DO THE INVOICES I CONTINUE TO PUT OFF! And I will be able to listen to Woman’s Hour.

Woman’s Hour is on the radio as I type. I am listening to it! This is feeling like a very good day:)

2 Responses to “Independence Day”

  1. embarrassingfriend said

    I hope I didn’t spoil your day with my mean-spirited reference to your misspelling (miscapitalization, rather) of my surname.

    P.S. You WILL sort that out, won’t you?

    The formerly fabulous Andrew McGuire

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