September 30, 2007

Went to that gig. Was really, really, good. Here’s how it went:

Wicked cool jazz singer, Julie Dexter does her set. She wears a floaty, orange, silk of a dress, wafted over jeans and lacing low at the back. She looks and sounds amazing. Burnt orange light floods the stage, hits her shoulders, melts the dress and she just grooves it all together…and the women was witty. Besides the soulful lyrics, she’d intersperse songs with sung adlibs. In these she’d thank various members of the band-and when at her funniest, direct the audience to her on sale c.ds. Really enjoyed hearing her.

Now, I was at the gig ’cause my mate Sureshot (very sound poet) had invited me down to it. I’d actually heard of it already from elsewhere, but probably wouldn’t have made it had he not reminded me. This was a gig with a difference though. This would be a chance to hear the headlined artist – but also a range of others – depending on which others turned up. If you fancied it yourself, you could be one of them. Just before the interval Julie puts the word out: artists who are up for it, put your name on the sheet and in the second half, get it done.

I wasn’t going to. I wasn’t going to mainly because I’m not experienced when it comes jamming with a band. The other artists down were pro musicians. The other poet was Sureshot-and Sureshot knows his music – and Sureshot knows what to do with it.

I went with him as he signed up, all the time chewing my lip and muttering how I wished I could be braver about these things. How I’d like to do it, really, but.. well.. you.. know…but then came the women with the paper. The women with the paper was ‘just do it’. And so, in characteristic impulsiveness, I thought – Fuck it. Yeah. I will.

My name came up, I climbed the stairs, the band played, I read. I did ‘If I should ever marry’ and the one about the fishtail …and it seemed to go really well. I mean, I really, really enjoyed it! The audiance was pretty full and loads of people said nice things after. Sureshot went first and was really wonderful, so at the end I also took the opportunity to flood the place with WORD! flyers. Hopefully, we’ll have a few new faces on Wednesday…but of course now I’ll be going on and on about WORD! having it’s own band too! Definately a convert:)

I didn’t do the song lyrics from my last post, but am thinking might hone them into something else, and give them an airing soon in any case. This evening’s def been inspiring…

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