Little Dream

October 1, 2007

Give it teeth
and sharp feathers made of metal.
You could use some broken tin,
mirrored like a deep sea fish,
build a fin, shape a beak, paint it blue
like the sea, or the sky, I don’t mind, but-

give it teeth,
it’ll need them when it’s in the wild-
and a foot to feel the ground; dream a cloud
to place it’s head in, keep it safe,
whatever weather. Give it teeth
so it can laugh-

give it teeth
to growl it’s vowels.
Give it teeth and fur and claw,
give it scales, dream them gold.
Dream a line of dots and stripes.
dream a creature for the night-

give it teeth.
Give it wings. Give it flight.
Let it sing. Dream it curved,
and pearl or black. Dream a tail
and a tummy, dream a spine
let it love me-

give it teeth,
and let it shred what it wants to.
Give it fire and give it hunger.
Give it teeth and let it long for.
Let it live. Call it dream.


3 Responses to “Little Dream”

  1. Terriffic!
    It even warranted the extra ‘t’.

    The repeated line is very good,
    it’s sharp and simple and a little sinister.

  2. Thanks alot-i’m doing a few on the same subject as it’s National Poetry Day in the UK this week, and Dreams are the official theme. Not sure how it’ll perform. Gonna give it a whirl at a local gig tomorrow night, i think…

  3. Oh okay.
    Well do let me know how it went so I can judge the people of your area as to whether they have any taste or not.


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