TV Dreams.

October 1, 2007

I dream.
They’re what I’m made of.
Dreams. Dark flickerings.
Sucking patterns from the light
fitting pictures to a screen-
it’s what I do – I dream-

I shuffle all the time
and nothing’s ever private,
colours burn
kaleidoscopes of implication
and yet I cannot choose;
sometimes death-

or pain, or running creatures,
all their names – once –
I dreamt I was in love, thought
I’d never be the same, but then
there were the game shows,
bright lines of cooking chefs.

I dream,
and they dream with me,
electric children round a fire,
tell them stories,
keep them wired
while other people sleep,

I never do.
my darkened bowl
is like an ocean, beating black
I’m filled with backs
of table – carpet, stools,
a glut of mess.

I dream.
I have no choice-
a silver fish with gills
that never close-
but somewhere deep
and dark and still-

I sometimes dream
of liquid limbs.I dream my skull
an empty square.I dream my face
a vacant cave. I dream I’m gone,
I dream I’m there. I’m there…
I’m there..I’m there…


2 Responses to “TV Dreams.”

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  2. Jak said

    wandering little guy. liked it.

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