October 8, 2007

Seeing as I’m here, and trying to distract myself from the growing nausea, I might as well blog a bit about the weekend. All in all it was ok.

Did a workshop for Leicester Museums and performed Elizabeth Heyrick. Have to say, enjoyed the workshop more than the performance. Some kids from the school I’d done a workshop with in July, actually came back for it. The first workshop had been organised by the Museum too, and they’d promoted this second one to the school-but being a Saturday, I wasn’t holding my breath. In the end however, a nice group number showed and the workshop went really well. The kids wrote some pretty impressive pieces-and some of the parents joined in too, which was lovely.

I guess the performance was difficult, mainly because of the stage. Afraid it was pretty high, so it felt like being a million miles from the audience. The whole thing wasn’t helped by the open format of the thing. Workshops continued to happen in the designated hall, and general museum goers also continued to come in and out, throughout the performance. Can’t have been helped though.

My parents came to visit on the Saturday..consumed a pizza, bottle of wine, stewed apple, tea and a Solero. Not that I’m keeping count. Not really😉 Anyway, my mum insisted on cleaning the bathroom sink and toilet before they left. She went to the loo and stayed in there for a suspiciously long time, only to emerge announcing that the deed was done. It seemed to give her pleasure though and for all my ‘oh mother!’ exclamations, a clean toilet’s a clean toilet. Good, kind, mother.

Finally, managed to frame up the 2 scraggy drawings on my wall last night. Think this has got to have been the nicest weekend job. Such a small thing, but framed they look 10 times better and now I actually feel a little proud when I look at them. Yay for frames:)

One Response to “Weekend”

  1. catherine said

    I wonder if a frame would make my scruffy house look ten times better?
    We visited Leicester last month on our whirlwind tour (“if it’s Tuesday, this must be Leicester” or something like that.) Mostly, the archives. My travel report is giving me something to blog about this month

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