October 14, 2007

Even when you feel
you have nothing to say,
say it anyway. Say:

I have nothing to say
I don’t know what to say,
I have nothing to communicate.

Say it
and hope
that something will be born
from the ashes;
meaning like a sparrow,
wings inside of dust.

I have nothing to say to you

See? It’s easy.
Now you try:

We have nothing to say to each other.

It’s like we’re teaching ourselves
a brave new language.
The bright art
of coming clean.

We have an empty space.

Into this empty space,
it is possible for us to say
whatever we like.
For instance:

This evening I ate
4 vegetarian sausages
and a number of cakes.
I ate the last two sausages
hours after dinner –
half of one
standing in the kitchen,
not even certain
it was hunger or loss.
I ate the second half,
sittting on the sofa.
I went back in for the last.
The cakes, don’t ask me.
They’re over with.

Earlier today, there were hours cycling:
wild light, dry leaves, hills, dogs. Later,
I couldn’t find my sports bra.
On the treadmill I kept my jacket on,
right until the sweat looked more ridiculous
then the body it was made by.

Would you like me to tell you about my dilemma?



4 Responses to “Something”

  1. embarrassingfriend said

    I know you say not to ask about the cakes, but I have to: Were they the ones I left? Were they bad? I noticed Damien didn’t finish his on Saturday…

  2. No, they weren’t yours Andrew-we bought Toffee muffins on Sunday. They were the generic cakes that women have been conditioned to both like and loathe. The above piece is pretty dire, but I’m just putting stuff down to explore…

  3. Oh the cakes you left were lovely. Thanks:)

  4. embarrassingfriend said

    In my panic about being the possible cause of whatever unpleasantness the cakes – thankfully not mine – caused you, I seem to have somehow overlooked the question in the last line (as, indeed, does everyone else). I hope it is not too late to rectify that omission, to which end I hereby confirm that I would indeed like you to tell me – not forgetting your wider readership – about your as yet unspecified dilemma, as I have no doubt it is quite fascinating.

    On reflection, perhaps another factor – and, from an intellectual point of view, a much sounder one – which prevented me from responding to the question earlier was my sense that it was really a rhetorical one, and consequently required no response. On the other hand, you may, intentionally or otherwise, be exploring what, to my knowledge at any rate, is an original form, namely an interactive poem. It is therefore possible that the nature of the progress the piece makes will in part be dependent on responses from readers, however obtuse or fatuous some of these may be, in which case I hope this will at least serve to generate further responses from readers who, unlike me, have something of genuine value to contribute.

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