October 17, 2007

Well, this whole being ill episode is starting to get quite tiresome. It’s been nearly 3 weeks. It’s ridiculous. I’m thinking, maybe I should just go to the doctor..but that seems a bit foolish now-like if I’ve stuck it out for this long, it’s bound to clear itself up. Can’t decide if it’s any better than it was. Though, have spent the morning in bed. Working a half day this aft, so will leave for meetings soon. That’s generally how it’s been going. Not had to take any time off yet as I only work part time and the nature of my work is flexible. Still, maybe this mornings sloth has been my body’s way of telling me to fuck off and let it have a break. Maybe.

Been writing something new and tempted to put it up, but it’s a long way off done, so think I’ll leave it a bit longer and continue to work on in private. I think it called ‘A History of Hair’…other possibilities are ‘A Pressure of Hair’…like a murder of crows? but not sure. Will probably post again about it.

Meanwhile, gotta work out what the fuck I’m doing about Friday. I’m compering and running an event ‘Women With Attitude’ – which certainly comes with it’s own pressures. Hung the stage set yesterday, did the last of the publicity earlier in the week, now need to actually think about what I’m doing as compere..?! Guess I need to come up with a couple of poems myself…dilemma is whether to do older material that some of the audience will have heard before..but will suit the event..or do different work..less heard before…hm. Then there’s that bit where I say interesting thing about the acts and whip the audience up in a reassuringly competent way. Oh dear : /


4 Responses to “ill”

  1. Ceridwen said

    I like “A History of Hair.”

  2. yep, think it might be stronger. Was thinking Pressure of Hair because I might have a big new project commission happening in the next few months and if it works out it’ll mean writing for the theme of ‘Pressure’. Ironically, the pressure of producing work for that has really contributed to my recent block! Liked your latest poem btw, right up my street.

  3. drewgum said

    History of Hair is better I think too….

  4. Heya Drew:)

    Yes, if the thing makes the light of day, I think that may well be what it gets called…


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