Day Trip.

October 20, 2007

In Oakham I suggested you purchase
a crewcut kharki pullover – suede
patches at the shoulders,
flying pheasant insignia.
You said no.


3 Responses to “Day Trip.”

  1. Andrew said

    If you’re puzzled by the refusal of the addressee of this poem to purchase a pullover at your prompting, you may wish to consider the possibility that he expects you, instead of writing petulant feminist poems, to act like a proper woman and knit him one. On a similar note, he may also regard your recent donation of your sewing kit as a raffle prize with some alarm.

    For the benefit of any third parties who may be reading, I should point out that I am not the ‘he’ alluded to above, i.e. the ‘you’ of the poem (but I do empathise).

  2. Hey Andrew, Sadly the irony of this poem doesn’t come through..though perhaps that’s not the right word. I mean to say – I was very much playing with D when I suggested he by the country man pullover-it was very Oakham-designed for a 60 plus, rich, rural, upper middle class, hunting type…wonder if I can get the joke seriousness through more by changing the title…

  3. embarrassingfriend said

    I thought it sounded like a really nice pullover (apart from the pheasant insignia, that is) but then I’m rather closer to the age group it’s aimed at (though I obviously don’t tick any of the other boxes). Blame my obtuseness for not appreciating the irony, rather than any failure of yours.

    To further compound my confusion, I’m not even sure whether my final clause is ironic or not. In the interests of self-preservation, however, I think it probably is.

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