Women with Attitude

October 21, 2007

Friday night saw Women with Attitude strut their stuff down at 27A. It went remarkably well.  After a day and a half hanging the stage set (with the very clever John Kirby) then further hours running around (buying up large quantities of wine, folding up and removing tables, then realising they’d be needed for the planet load of performing artist’s books and c.ds, lugging ’em back in again…then writing up my compere notes, then working out my compere poems, then rehearsing with the performers and oh god just don’t get me started, but after all that…) it went remarkably well.

When, at approximately 6.50 only a handful of audience had shown, I did get a bit worried. Apparently, poetry audiences like to add an hour to the start time of events and there was a weighty trickle right through the first half. I’m not especially  complaining though. By the end, we couldn’t have physically got any more people in-and the atmosphere was really lovely.

The Famous Word! Raffle ( this was afterall a Word! supported event) was particularly strong. Thanks to one of our performers (Linda Hart) it contained amongst other things: a job lot of Guinness and a bulk box of teabags. Women are complex creatures…

D’know, I can’t actually find enough words to say how well it really went. It just did. It went really, really well 🙂 I think it would definitely be good to do another one. Next year sometime. Might be good to use different female performers-just to give the largest number  of artists a chance at developing what they’re doing.

The ones who did it this time were just great. Rai Studley (the singer/songwriter) did these really lovely, well crafted pieces, that reduced the audience to putty. Jenny Woolman had some real moments of hilarity and did some very thoughtful pieces that a couple of people remarked on to me at the end. Linda Hart was the eponymous Women with Attitude. I will say no more. She was fab though…

One of the nicest things to happen, happened right at the end. This really cool, sassy women came up to me. She said how she’d found out about the thing through seeing a flyer at a local venue. She lives with housemates and that evening they were all off out to  a house party – she could have gone with them but she came to WWA because she’d been looking forward to it all week. She came on her own and she said she was really glad to have made it.

That was just one of the moments that made it worth all the effort:)

Finally though, must thank all the staff at 27a. They were more then lovely. I know I’m gushing , just let me, I can’t help it, they were. They did so much for us and we will think of a way to repay them…

Hope everyone else’s weekend is going well. Night till the next post:)

2 Responses to “Women with Attitude”

  1. sylvied said

    I like your blog and this week you are on “My Fab Five ” a weekly selection of good blogs on Fuel. Hope you get some new readers 🙂
    Take care 😉

  2. Hello-thanks alot, how lovely:) Will have to buff the words, just in case!


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