October 24, 2007

I am a poet, because I am not
a painter, sculptor, photographer,
drug taker, mother, anorexic.

While some combine these roles
with the writing of poetry,
I can’t.

I write because speaking isn’t enough
In writing I can collect
the stranded bones of words, turns

of phrase, things I’ve seen,
or heard, or said,
lay them out to reconstruct.

I write because I’m not
a paleontologist. I do not have
the small brush, lens,

box of light
to turn its wheels,
make the world.

I do not write:

when air has drained of oxygen
then I must use
my pen to breathe.

When the thing can read
the thing I’ve made,
to make the thing on paper.

When an hour
is a tall clay vase, empty,
smashed against my skin.

When things
are entirely broken.
When things are perfect.


3 Responses to “Statement.”

  1. polkadotwitch said

    a poet statement in a poem. of course! good idea. thanks for taking the challenge.

  2. the end makes this. a skilled piece.

  3. Kimberley said

    Yes! What better way to make a poetic statement than in a poem. I like the “stranded bones of words” – very nice piece!

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