a diversionary blog post

October 29, 2007

This is what you’d call a diversionary blog post. No other word for it. I’m trying to avoid work.

Funny how workload can creep up on you though, isn’t it? I’m sure this isn’t an uncommon experience, but with me, work has a distinct rolling wave pattern. I’ll be working on loads of things at once and their deadlines will all seem to terminate at around the same period. Then they’ll be over and I’ll have a bit of space, and then things will start to build up again.

It’s quite like that at the moment. Loads of things I’d been stressing about just came to an end: a big poetry submission I’ve been working on for a while, a big funding application involving lots of partners, some lecturing at my local uni. All done. I’ve even done this months Leicester Arts in Health Newsletter.

So, here I am, basking in the glory of completed-ness, secure in the knowledge that whatever happens with any of the said above-at least they’re over with, except…dammit-things are ALREADY starting to build up again! Grr. They don’t usually come around this quickly.

I should be working on another funding application-so we can hopefully do another Brighter Side (poetry project) this time involving Amber Valley and Notts aswell as Leicester. And I will do it. I will. I promise. Just not now…and I know I’m just storing up work for myself. I’ll only end up having to spend some of my evening on it…sigh-why does my job involve doing such things!? Needless to say, I bring them on myself…

What else can I use this post to procrastinate over, rather than do…I know, I’ll list them:

Signing on for the exciting sounding Apples and Snakes Courses, recently publicized
Picking the poems I’m going to do at Friday’s Tripod Mag Launch
Doing any of 3 small funding applications
Doing any of 3 long letters
Doing my Brighter Side Application…

Well now. I feel much better for listing them like that. Almost like I’ve done them. You know, in the time I’ve spent writing this post I probably could have done one…so that’s got to count for something, hasn’t it?;)

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