Bad Day Heavy (2)

November 1, 2007

Last night,
balmy weather and we
left the window open like a
cats square mouth.

We lay against each other
folded in the sofa,
broken down and old-
but we were dark. We were

bad day heavy –
but you always know
how to pick me up.
We were holding hands.

We were leaning arms.
Resting trees, we were
twisted plants,
last night

when the grey ran heavy
and the air pitched tight
in the balmy weather
that you always make –

’cause you always know
how to pick me up –
Shall I tell you what?
From that dark blue feeling

shall I tell you how
that we made it out?
Well we just did nothing,
we just sat down tight

two bright figures,
sitting in the dark-
but we always know
how to pick us up.

Open palm pressing open joint
while the soft wind rustled,
and the curtain blew
open like a mouth.

We just flicked the heating on-
soft glow beating
on our bare white parts
we just

curled around the cars
gliding through the night-time
with their airline blast.
We were

good day heavy.
We were
‘A’ alright,
we were ok.

We were gonna be
we were gonna climb-
we were
just fine

’cause we picked each other up
’cause we always know
’cause we always are.
then we went to bed.

7 Responses to “Bad Day Heavy (2)”

  1. catherine said

    The “cats square mouth” reminds me of the Hell Staircase at Burleigh House near Stamford, where the entrance to hell is through the gaping mouth of a cat. Have you seen it? – it’s not that far from you.
    I really like the poem. I’m not sure though if “blowed” – “the curtain blowed open” – is grammatically correct. And I wonder if it would be stronger without the last line? (though it might change meaning if you left it out).

    I’m doing NaBloPoMo, too

  2. Hey Catherine, Thanks for reading and commenting.

    You’re right-‘blowed’ isn’t, should be ‘blew’, but could’t decide if I liked it better despite it’s bad grammer. ”Cause’ and ‘gonna’ aren’t proper words either, so I was hoping it would fit alongside them..but perhaps not if it jarrs when read.

    You could be right about the last line too. I’ve got a slightly different ending in mind-might alter it to that in a bit.

    Don’t know the staircase at Burleigh – makes me want to go and see it now! See you the Ning site:)


  3. catherine said

    Burleigh was amazing, I wish we’d had time for the sculpture garden and garden of surprises. Not cheap to get in, but we had Heritage Passes for the month, so the price of individual properties didn’t matter.
    The drawing room at Burleigh was used for Lady Catherine de Bourgh’s house in “Pride and Prejudice”. And they also filmed there for “Elizabeth, the Golden Age” which is coming here soon, so I will have to go and see it.
    Stamford is a very attractive town, too. Wish we’d had more time.
    If you go back a couple of weeks on my blog there are photos from Leicestershire and Rutland.

  4. Tactless pedant who invariably misses the point and is wearing Lydia's patience very thin said

    I thought this was called ‘Last Night’ (because you wrote it the night before last, though at this point it was actually ‘tonight’? Sorry, I’m confused). I quite like this title, however.

    I hadn’t read this piece before hearing your performance of it (last night) when I have to say I was slightly unnerved by the vibrant rhythm with which you delivered it. It seemed like you were almost, but not quite, singing it, and the compromise, if such it was, left me somewhat uneasy, which may have been because I was afraid you were turning into a hip-hop poet. (The cold samosas also didn’t work for me, but for this I consider you entirely blameless).

    At all events, it reads very well, independently of any vocal inflexions, and is, unlike me, quite charming.

  5. Yes, I think the delivery I’m working on for it IS somewhat hip hop like. Though I’m sure hip hop artists would slap me down for trying to draw a connection. For me, that kind of rhythm is in the writing and I can’t seem to perform/read it any other way. But interesting to see it doesn’t necessarily come across like that on the page…and that it perhaps works nontheless….when you say unnerved though..that does sound quite worrying…

  6. Hey Catherine,

    So cool that you were in my city! Checked your blog and wow! Pictures of little ol’ Leicester! Agreed, we’re perhaps not the best tourist destination-really you need to know what’s happening here to get the most out-there’s a great arts scene but it’s underground, beneath what’s presented on the surface so you wouldn’t have encountered anything just being down for the aft and not having anyone to give you the tour. For instance, tonight it’s Leicester’s CAN Film Fest and I’m off to our Phoenix Arts Cinema to see a load of short films (one of which I’m in!) Feb we host the Leicester Comedy Fest-which is meant to be one of the top 3 in the world, then there’s word! (spoken word night) and loads of other stuff -so things do happen…

    …’fraid you’ve got a point about the building sites though-the city’s going under regeneration at the mo and we’re also building a new performing arts centre. Apparently it’s going to be really state of the art when it’s done, but it’s some way off.

    Anyway, if you ever come back here, let me know and I’ll take you round:) Burleigh House does sound fab and as you’ll have seen, Stamford’s very nice to pootle around, so I may hop over to check it out.


  7. embarrassing friend (not logged in) said

    Lots of things unnerve me, Lydia, so please don’t regard this as a reflection on either the poem or your performance of it. (I would appreciate an advance warning if you intend any further hip hop style performances, however, so that I can adjust my medication accordingly).

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