Bad Day Heavy

November 1, 2007

Last night,
balmy weather and we
left the window open like a
cats square mouth
patched against the darkness
curtain like a flag,

we lay against each other
folded in the sofa,
broken down and old-
but we were dark. We were
bad day heavy –

but you always know
how to pick me up.

We were holding hands.
We were leaning trees.
We were twisted plants

last night,
when the grey ran heavy
and the air pitched tight
in the balmy night-

that you always make
when you pick me up

Shall I tell you what?

From that dark, dark feeling
shall I tell you how
that we made it out?

Well we didn’t do nothing,
we just sat down tight
two bright figures,
so damn tired-

but we always know
how to pick us up

we just waited quiet-
open palm
pressing open hand
and the wind rushed,
through the curtain billowed
open like a mouth and we

flicked the heating on-

we just
lay down gently, warm glow
on our white parts
we just
curled around the cars
blowing through the night-time
we were
good day heavy
we were
‘A’ alright
we were ok,
we were gonna be
we were gonna climb-

Like we always know
when we pick us up

then we went to bed.

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