Quite tired

November 3, 2007

I’m lying flat out on my crumpled sofa. Back seat cushions, lolling over the keyboard. Typing hands, pinned to the sides of the keyboard. I am very, very, tired. Not done much in the way of writing today, but alot seems to have got done nontheless. The main thing to have happened, is that I and Damo have booked a holiday.

We’ve been thinking about going away for ages. We never used to but this time last year we went to Wales. It was great. Stupidly lovely in fact-afterall, Wales in Winter is not a typical holiday destination. We were actually thinking of going back there again…but  then we started thinking last minute deals. We popped into the travel agents this aft; came  out with a holiday to Egypt! We’re going to Luxor! Can’t believe we just booked it, but  think it was a good choice. We got it for nearly half price and I’ve hardly been anywhere abroad so far-so this’ll really allow me to continue with the wing spreading:)

In a bit, I shall be off to see the short film wot Alison made and wot I’m in. For now though, I’m gonna rest my eyes for a bit. This tiredness, could be the walking around all day in negative heel trainers…or it could be the half box of tiny chocolate teddy bears I’ve just consumed. Ah well…


3 Responses to “Quite tired”

  1. embarrassing friend (not logged in) said

    Oh no, I’d hate to think I was responsible for your tiredness by giving you the teddy bears! I haven’t had any myself, but had no intention of using you as a guinea pig!

    What do they taste like, by the way? Have you had any of the tinned sweets yet? They’d only just come in to the shop, so you should have been among the first in Leicester to try them.

  2. The teddy bears were AMAZING! really tasted good…hence my lack of self restraint! I’ve also eaten all the chocolate sticks. I like chocolate. The sweets are more of a fav with Damo. He’s into things like that. I’m more about the chocolate.

    Thanks again for them though, really lovely of you 🙂

  3. embarrassing friend (not logged in) said

    That’s a relief (though I’m still concerned about the possibility of side effects; I hope you’re feeling better). I’ll get some more when funds allow (though I suspect that the tinned sweets, which had just come in on the day I bought them) might sell out quickly, if only due to the Studio Ghibli connection I alluded to).

    Hmm…what about the strawberry teddies?

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