November 4, 2007

Apparently, 4ish in the afternoon appears to have become the blogging hour. At least for me. At least this weekend. It seems to slip quite neatly into my weekend routine of: getting up late, wandering into town, coming home exhausted and encountering the computer.

Yesterday, I slipped a 4 o’clock post between arriving home, falling asleep and waking up, with only a quarter of an hour to spare before the start of the Hindmost film screening, I’d been planning on going to. This wasn’t a disaster. It did however mean wolfing down a half cooked stromboli (posh part-baked Marks and Sparks bread) and legging it out the house …only to miss the first half of the being screened films.

But let me go back a bit: Hindmost. Hindmost was a short film, written and directed by Alison Dunn (genius of the many creative talents) and featuring me as the devil. It was being screened at Leicester’s Phoenix Arts as on of the chosen CAN International films. The festival culminates tonight with an award ceremony, but awards aside, being part of the project was great.

After  last night’s screening, I and Alison were interviewed, upstairs in the Phoenix Cafe. I could have acquitted myself with slightly more decorum than my rather churlish: “Noooo-not without my makeup” but to be fair, I had only just rolled of the sofa, and wasn’t wildly keen on having my un-brushed, un-washed, un-made-up in general and only one step above pajama-suited-self exposed to any kind of permanent preservation. I did of course, sound incredibly vain.

In the end the interview was actually fine. We were asked us for our film festival favs, aswell as the best and worst parts of making Hindmost. All good fun-as was seeing the film up on the big screen.

To be honest this weekend’s been quite exciting for arty type gigs. I don’t think I mentioned before, but on Friday there was the Tripod Launch – (the magazine I got a piece into) and I was asked to perform as part of it. Was really great to do.

The launch event was actually pretty unusual. A good number of people packed into the Leicester Depot, and 4 of us took to the (movable) stage to perform, one after another. I say movable, because due to the non-performance suited nature of the venue, there wasn’t really an obvious or ideal place to stand-so people just took their pick and the audience shuffed and spun to accommodate. Oddly, I reckon this actually worked. Gave the whole gig the atmosphere of a house party, all laid back and lovely. But it did go on a bit longer than the promoters had had in mind, I think. Still, one of the nicest gigs I’ve had lately.

This Wednesday, they’ll be another one: WORD! at Bambu. I’m down to compere so I’ve got to sort some decent poems for the first and second halves, and the planning of this months gig, has not been problem free…

We had had Malika Booker down as booked act-and also to deliver a poetry masterclass on the same day. I’d been particularly looking forward to seeing her again, because she’d mentored me on the Freedom Showcase, and we’d really got on. Sadly, she cancelled at the end of last week, due to an unexpected commitment elsewhere and we’ve had to scrabble around to rearrange.

We’ve been ridiculously lucky to get Zena Edwards instead – a remarkable performer with sizable profile and growing reputation. So, all’s well, blah blah…it’s still, however going to be an effort with the compering, as many of the (even larger) expected audience will be coming expecting to see Malika-and we’ll have no way of letting them no in advance about the change. Prob won’t be a huge prob-it’s just ANOTHER thing to work into the presenting (sigh)

Right. Still no poetry in this Nablo posting thing, but still another post done. Off to the gym now, but expect I’ll be back typing here soon…

One Response to “Gig-a-gig”

  1. ss said

    The CAN International film festival was excellent – some very good work there making it hard to pick a favourite.

    Apparently there was a devil amongst the audience! ;o
    Well done! Good entry.

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