Falling in love with John Coltrane

November 25, 2007

Mmmm. That’s kind of the exact noise I’m making right now. It’s been a an odd kind of weekend…

Odd gig on Friday night, a full bright moon, tracking my movements across each evening, and a few other things – too strange to explain like this (some, but not all, in the poem below).

Still, right now, feels good. I’m sitting in a toasty living room listening to John Coltrane – playing music like he’s stroking my spine. I’ve got tea and fairy lights and warm feet – and what else could a girl ask for?

Earlier this evening was good too. What with all the bugs I’ve been having lately my whole exercise routine (not to sound like a cheerleader about it;) had entirely collapsed-and I hadn’t been feeling great for it. Well this evening, I took myself out for an hours run – up round Jarrom Street and Alyestone Road. It was wicked. Well, Ok, the fortnights break had taken the edge off my fitness, and the chest thing was still lurking at the corners – so there was the smaller lung capacity… which wasn’t pleasant…but the run in general still felt cool. Just gotta get back into my groove with it now.

What else? Bought a new coat, gloves and hat. Made a deal with a cool local cafe for them to donate a prize for the Word! raffle. Started on the funding application. Wrote a few new pieces. Fell in love with John Coltrane.

Enough for any bright girl about town to be getting on with….now, what’s that moon looking like…

One Response to “Falling in love with John Coltrane”

  1. daily fact said

    Had some thoughts about this a couple of weeks ago, but..as always i tend to forget things like this.

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