Things I didn’t do

December 18, 2007

Ride a camel. Feel
the rough hewn hair
beneath my nails, soft pelt
against my Braille of palms,
fingertips around
tuft topped

Tell a man:eeb alee
which is Egyptian
for having shame,
when they said:
I had nice breast,
ten thousand camels,
lucky man.

Wear a veil, get a tan.
Swaddle over
chinks of skin,
milk-bright arms,

Drink from taps.
Swim the Nile.
Win a haggle.
Play Draughts.

Rescue the boy
that lived in the door
who said Backsheesh
and had no shoes
and slept all night, beside
the Sheratan.

See the Pyramids.
I’m sick of the asking.
They were in Cairo –
I was in Luxor.

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