3 5 7 (2)

December 23, 2007

Found a graph on landing two,
as the stairs swerved
to take another floor,
on it’s own – no name,
mark or explanation,
just the careful list,
stark equation:

3 5 7.

I would have written
just beneath it
ruby marker
bought from wilkos:

This wall is
scrawled with – odd haiku
wrong syllables, brooding ants.

but the person who lives
in my block of flats –
who’d listed numbers,
swift and sure as flying ducks,
might have been meant
a different sort
of semiotic relevance –

3 5 7:
number bus
ideally taken

3 5 7:

number times
too long waited

days apart

poems lived
crouching tigers,
beating wings –

Hard to say.

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