January 6, 2008

My parents have gone on a round the world cruise. They left last week. The coach picked them up on Thursday at 11pm. They arrived at Falmouth and the “Van Gough” liner at 3.30pm the next day. They rang me from their cabin.

My father told me that they would not be purchasing any of the bar’s over priced bottled water, but instead be sticking to the tap. In his opinion it was not over chlorinated at all but perfectly pleasant. He rather suspected the tour guides were trying to turn the passengers against the tap water (of course for financial gain) by making any mention of the chlorine content in the first place. He was not going to be taken in. He spoke for both himself and my mother in this.

My mother told me that the room was lovely but that the two single cabin beds were definitely (as she’d said they would be) bolted to the floor. I intimated – wouldn’t this cause a married couple like them problems? My mother said, that my father had said, that there were other ways…

My father said he was very glad they’d opted for an outdoor cabin. He said the window was huge and they’d have great views of the sea. He said that once they got out and away from land, he saw no reason why he shouldn’t occasionally go naked. After all, out at sea they’d be only birds and fish to see.

My mother noted how much my father seemed to be enjoying himself already. For her part, she felt a little nervous. She was worried what might happen when the ship began to move.

My parents will arrive at the Azores on Monday evening at 10pm. They have told me to leave my phone on…

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