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January 8, 2008

This morning, a phone call from my parents:

“Hello!? Hello!? Lydia?! It’s dad here! Can you hear me!!?”

“Yes dad. Yes it’s me. I can hear you”

“We’re at The Azores! It’s really lovely! Here’s your mother -“

“Hello!?Hello?!It’s mum! Can you-“

“Yes mum, I can hear you”

“We’re at this ‘The Azores’ place. It’s really lovely!”

My parents don’t often go away on holiday, which I feel the above serves to demonstrate. Of course, it was lovely to talk to them – and they really were excitable.

Apparently my mother hasn’t been affected by travel sickness, but has suffered from motion sickness. I’m not entirely sure what the difference might be…Still, they’ve only been away a few days and yet already been quite busy.

They’re signed up for the daily deck walk and are seriously considering the watercolour group. This kind of behaviour is almost entirely unprecedented for my parents. I can only look on in admiration.

” Lydia, it’s dad here again. We’ve sent an email to David [my brother] we’ve instructed him to send it out to you and Michael and Fran [my uncle… my mother’s friend] and lots of other people. It’s 1 pound 70 an email so we’re not sending them from here.”

“Ah, canny”

“You must only reply through David. He’ll forward us everyone’s responses at once. It costs to receive them too”

My father is nothing but financially minded…

They will be ringing again from Australia….

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