Notes from the Office

January 17, 2008

Text message from Lydia to Tim. Location, Lydia and Tim’s Office:

“Hey Tim…Those chocolates in our office…what are they for?…are they for eating…?”

Text message back:


Sigh. It’s been one of those days. Pissing it down outside, and now not even able to nick ONE miniature Bounty. Chocolate has an expiry date you know. I’d have to break the seal to get into them. He’d know. Dammit.

Anyway, at least I’ve made it into the office today. I’ve got this kind of allergy to the place. Though, I suspect its probably more of an allergy to cycling 2 or 3 miles in Winter to it. If we’re being specific.

No, usually I do my job as though I were a full time freelancer, working out the office, haunting my flat, Internet cafes, various other venues. Anywhere but the Headquarters Office. With the Water cooler and chocolates that you’re not allowed to eat.

So, I’m actually pretty smug about getting in today. It’s not that I do any more work than if I was working from the city centre…it’s just, well a mini triumph against the rain. And the evil out of town, Uppingham Road, run town landscape. And the security guard who always notes the exact duration of my absenteeism.

The only problem with cycling into the office is that once you’re there – after you’ve done your work – you’ve got to cycle back – laziness or not, there isn’t really an option! And of course, there’s bound to be a tin of chocolates you’re not allowed to eat…

One Response to “Notes from the Office”

  1. catherine said

    No chocolates in our office, permitted or not. Though sometimes there are chocolate biscuits 🙂

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