Workshops. Buses. Get me?

January 22, 2008

It’s incredible how these things work out. I like doing poetry workshops – it’s actually something I really enjoy – but it’s just so odd how they sometimes come along at once. And then there are the wildly varying briefs.

First off, I’ve been doing loads of work at this one particular, pretty well heeled county based school. Initially, I did a number of poetry sessions with their year 7 classes – using wicked museum objects, which in Leicestershire, I’m lucky enough to be able to borrow.

Next, same school got me in to do after schools intensive tutoring sessions with Year 9 SAT students. I’ve done 2 of these already with a third tomorrow – and only one of them has focused on ‘creative’ writing. Tomorrow I’m going to be showing them how to reply to a problem page letter, looking at everything from how to express empathy to how to identify problems and structure advice!

Today’s session was on more familiar ground. Completely different school, Year 8’s – who’d been given the poetry session as a reward for being good!- you know, when I was at school we din’t get nothing like that…mind you, when I was at school you could probably have seen me right with a monthly ice cream van voucher.

Anyway, today I spent the whole day focusing on slavery as a theme for poetry – I guess a carry over from the Freedom Showcase. Would you believe though – I DIDN’T do my Heyrick monologue (the piece I was commissioned to write and know off by heart) No, instead I weirdly decided to write something entirely new, just for the session. Not sure how it would stand on its own, but it felt quite nice to perform. Then again, I guess Year 8 pupils were never going to be my most critical audience, lol;)

Anyway, here’s a picture of the whole thing in action earlier today….


You should see the other pics. They’ve actually made me clucky!

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