January 28, 2008

Oooh! Really exciting poetry thing a wicked cool poet I know recommended me for! (lovely Pam;) . It’s a project where poets are paired with artists. The artist puts forward a work and the poet responds to it.

I got sent my piece today. It’s a piece called ‘Tops’.  It features nine opened out cigarette boxes, each cut to look like a T-Shirt – the effect completed with the addition of nine tiny bands of paper,  nine tiny collars. Of course, each has it’s cigarette brand printed on it’s front. The result is not dissimilar to nine branded football shirts, each wearing it’s sponsor on it’s sleeve, so to speak – back in the day when footballers smoked and tobacco companies could get away with it.

I’ve got till the end of Feb to come up with a poem for it. Just had a go at something…might post it later – not sure…

One Response to “Tops”

  1. Pam said

    Ooh..looking forward to this!


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