Post Match

February 1, 2008

So, the title of the piece I’ve been sent to write about isn’t ‘Tops’ it’s ‘Post Match’. Not a huge problem as I hadn’t done too much under the former yet. However I could use some advise on the new piece I’ve written for it…

Here’s the problem: it’s called Post Match. It’s a picture of 9 small t-shirts each made from an opened out cigarette box. On each pack there’s a different brand word. So, the clear thing to do would be make something that incorporates the words. However, I had this idea that focused on the using the size, and now it feels too complicated to expand into mentioning more.

Below, I’ve pasted it up. I’ve been trying to write more on it, but it’s been feeling a bit artificial. Is it finished? Not sure now I read it again – it’s pretty short and i guess there might be something else – or where else it could go. But I’m kinda stuck. I’m going to write others for it too and pick the best. Mmmm. Any thoughts, let me have ’em. …

Post Match

After the hussle and howl of the
hand grenade, leather stitched bag
that’s been stitched like a face
the silence is stark in the stalls –

on the pitch,
in locker room showers
where the cleaner is finished –
but surprised by the shirts.

The players look small on the field
but you’d think they’d be larger up close.

Not tiny and flattened like pieces of litter
She thought they were flyers
but then she saw collars
and paper ripped hems.


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