Fringe Lover (new edit)

February 5, 2008

Today I spotted fringes
like children look for lost dogs –

saw them flashing flags
like unsewn napkins, spotted one –

serving beer behind a bar.

Saw one shoot with bang of gun,
slam of door, kick of car.

Saw one with a horse tail chop,
Kung Foo Hussle, Kill Bill Hack.

Watched another disappear,
weave like hair nets cross a pier

duck inside an office block.

I like the ones that flutter –
lift and wave in stacks of grass

I like the ones that bend.
fit the forehead in a line

like a tightropes curving skein.
I like it that they’re –

chopped savage, hard to keep,
poker straight and

combed in teeth.
Like it that they

Graze lids – when they’re
good to toss, good to go,

good to know you’ve got a fringe –
‘cause you’ve got a friend

when you’ve got a fringe
and it’ll hug you’re head

like a jelly fish
and they’ll never be a hair’s breathe

between you both – not you
and your fringe.

so get a head and get and a fringe.
You’ll never need a hat.


4 Responses to “Fringe Lover (new edit)”

  1. Pam said




  2. How did I survive all these years without it?:)


  3. stevi said

    hey! just as i gave up trying to find your name you appear in the corner of the leics literary website. shock horror. i’m one of the younger people that paraded into word on wednesday this week. read a short poem about a bee. okay, i’ll stop with the begging to be remembered – jsut wanted to say, this poem has had my friend and i giggling for a few days now. pretty much everytime we walk into class it’s like ‘is it still hugging your head?’ ‘like a jellyfish’. i hope to see you again next time, when we’re a little more prepared and less, standing about-ey. now to spread the fringe love. xxxx

  4. Hey Stevi, what a lovely message. Thanks a lot;)

    I do remember your bee piece, it stood out and I liked it a lot. Would be great to say hi and chat at the next Word – if you’re able to get down again. First Wednesday…LXX

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