The Network Down the Hall

February 12, 2008

My laptop tells me that you’re trying to talk –
your network with it’s name like:

Oscilating, Oranges, an Octopus Oscardo.
Oscardo with your cargo full of nerve tails.

You always come at times like this.
Just when I’m about to send

electric notes – or make a post,
Oscardo with your looping limbs,

pale green snaking down the hall
tangled in a scribbled cord

of ether. Oscardo you’re a cuckoo.
You slip inside my Inter – Net

lift my signal like a threat,
replace it with your own.

I wonder where you usually live,
another flat that smells of this

has perhaps confused you – sightless eel
belly nudging over cables – never learns.

Pressed against another wall
I bet you roar like traffic. Here

you’re fainter than a drawing
left in rain. Always rub you out.

One Response to “The Network Down the Hall”

  1. You’re just so excellent as a poet.
    You make my heart loop-de-loop with joy.

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