Hugarians Abroad

February 16, 2008

This week, the Towsey family will be almost entirely abroad. With my parents still gadding about on their cruise (I assume they’re simply having too much fun to email rather than taken hostage somewhere) I’m set to leave Leicester myself, later today.

I’m going to Switzerland to visit Cousin Bundy. Is it just me but does Cousin Bundy sound like a character from out of the Archers? Nevermind. Cousin Bundy is one of my Hungarian relatives. Apparently I’m a quarter Hungarian, but Cousin Bundy will be the first from that side of the family that I’ve met.

So, why am I going to Switzerland? Well, Cousin B moved there during the 2nd World War (I think) – Swiss neutrality and all that – and then decided to stay. I can’t help wishing he’d opted for somewhere a little warmer and less expensive. Madrid, for instance, France, Italy, Christ – even the UK! But there we have it.

Mind you, I don’t want to sound churlish. I was counting up poetry workshops thinking ‘well this one plus that one will have nearly paid for the trip’ – then my cousin Sarah (half Hungarian but all London) told me that my Uncle Michael (her dad – god, this is getting ridiculous) is actually going to pay for the whole air fare – as a kind of belated xmas present! But he already got me the Klimt cups! I love my Uncle Michael. He’s like the best uncle ever. He’s also my only uncle, so it’s worked out quite well.

Anyway, the train to London leaves at 2pm and I’ve yet to pack. Sigh. If Damo were coming he’d have taken things in hand long before now. They’d have been no gadding about last night and a laying down of provisions through the early hours. As he is not going, the flat remains a mess and my bag unpacked. I’ve managed to have a bath, but not dress. Don’t worry, I’m wearing a towel.

So, I expect I should shove off really. Any good book suggestions, let me know. I’m going into town after packing (I’m a fast packer) to stock up on reading material…as if my arsonist’s dream of book burning paradise makes that at all necessary, but, you know, any excuse…;)

3 Responses to “Hugarians Abroad”

  1. Pam said

    Any thing by A.L Kennedy
    ‘One Good Turn’ Kate Atkinson
    short stories by the above, Ali Smith, Helen Simpson, Jackie Kay

    Have a great time!

  2. Pam said

    Any thing by A.L Kennedy
    ‘One Good Turn’ Kate Atkinson
    short stories by the above, Ali Smith, Helen Simpson, Jackie Kay

    Have a great time!

    Ooh-brilliant memoir ‘A Lie Abiut My Father’ John Burnside

  3. I’m here! And I’ve just found wireless an unsecured wireless network in the house!!!

    Will check those books out at over the hol or when I get back, depending on what the Swiss sellers are like 🙂


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