Bandi Barchi

February 22, 2008

Bandi, who we call Barchi,
which is Hungarian for uncle,
has left a tub of swiss chocolate,
a small plate of twiglet circles,
an open atlas circa, 1956.

In the kitchen, Bandi Barchi,
has laid out breakfast – could be tea –
for each of us he’s told will come
at 1am to find his flat – several rooms
that live above the Almentstrasse.

On the table is a pencil –
double ended, blue and red,
that someone’s used to draw a flag.
The wax lined union jack,
is placed upon a cushioned chair.

At either edge, are cocktailed slips,
the kind you’d use to stick in cheese-
one Hungarian, one Swiss. Bandi Barchi’s
set three plates, stacked like dolls
with cups for tea. He’s left:

a loaf of bread,
two jars of jam,
a small tub of chopped apple,
three sachets of
some powered soup.

At 2am we see the note,
that Bandi Barchi’s left to read:
For three bears who’ve come to Bern,
he will call at 9am –
and we will meet.

2 Responses to “Bandi Barchi”

  1. glo4 said

    Wow! This is my 1st comment to someone… I’ve just recently joined wordpress, and i abesolutely ADORE your style of writing
    its so clear and inrigueing.
    what inspired you to write about Bandi Barchi?

  2. Hey, what a nice thing to say:)

    I’ve just returned from Switzerland, where Bandi Barchi lives. He’s a relative on my Hungarian Grandmother’s side – but we hadn’t met before now. He’s in his 80’s and incredibly interesting, so for that and other reasons I’m going to be (hopefully!) writing more about him.

    Thanks for commenting – look forward to reading your blog once it’s up and running,

    Lydia x

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