Zurich Lake

February 22, 2008

On the pleasure boat,
I ask my uncle – whose dark eyes
are contemplating hills – the german word for lake.
He writes it for me, absent minded:

the see as z.

‘The Zurich-zee is tooled glass,
it’s printed cellophane.
The Zurich-zee is silver fish,
slashed brail, misted zinc.’

My uncle sees a gliding gull, small castle,
at Richterschill – a blue and yellow tram.

The Zurich-zee is silver milk,
sleek bands of graying hair.
The Zurich-zee is spilt yellow,
watercoloured pale.’

My uncle makes the sounds
for places as we pass:


I chew the pen and mark them down.
Like the ink is made of lake.
My uncle, words.


5 Responses to “Zurich Lake”

  1. Pam said

    Oh lovely…xxx 🙂

  2. I swear,
    you’re so AMAZING!

    Can I Poem Favoured again?
    It’s amazing.

  3. Lovely Pammy:)

    Very nice of you to say Zaphod – of course, flattered.

  4. […] start off writing a funding application but then get distracted by Polar Bears, or furniture or Swiss/German names for places – and I’d be writing poetry. By Friday I’d be feeling all chaotic. Then, I discovered lists – […]

  5. […] And this is an another by Lydia that i meant to put up AGES ago because it is amazing but because I am not, I forgot. Sorry. Zurich Lake – Lydia (secretagentartist) […]

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