March 1st

February 24, 2008

Why does everything have to happen on March the 1st?

Usually, NOTHING happens. Seriously, I can go long stretches with no discernible social engagement in the offing. But no, I can’t have reasonably spaced activities to occupy me. No, that would be too easy – that might make me take a look at my diary at the beginning of March and say – why, Lydia, look – in March you will be busy but not unreasonably so, no, in March you will be occupied to the optimum degree and all will be well. No.

On March the 1st:

I have agreed to do a poetry set for a benefit gig in Nottingham (yay!)

I have been asked along to watch a Pussy Cat Dolls gig in Leicester (one of the band members is interested in collaborating on a poetry cd)

I had been meaning to do the Zena Edwards Livebox @ The Y.


I’m thinking the benefit gig – in aid of women experiencing domestic violence – will def take priority. Currently, not sure what time it’s happening, will know more on Tuesday when I go visit the centre. If it’s in the day then I’ll be able to go to one of the other gigs too and it’ll just be a busy day. Will have to wait and see.

That aside, this weekend’s been an odd one. I’m off to watch something vapid now   – will tell you all about it later..

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