Impenetrable Poems

March 14, 2008

First day off for ages today.Technically, yesterday should’ve been as well, but work of one sort or another keeps piling up. Yesterday it was stuff for the NHS Art Show I’m organising. It seems to be generating enough work for an entire job, let alone the other 15 projects I’ve got in motion, well, ok, maybe not 15 but it’s probably quite close to that. Then there’s the writing.

Ah the writing. I really should be making proper time for it. Being theoretically part time at work should have left the space to have written an entire new collection by now, surely…but my output’s been fairly measly. Sigh. I think my mind’s probably on a number of other things, most of which I couldn’t write up here.

That’s the problem really, isn’t it? Y’know with public blogs. Obviously I,  and the other people that keep them get something out of the sharing nature of them, the invisible reaching out to people you’ll probably never meet…but then you’ve got to consider those you will! No offence people I know, there are things I’d tell you over coffee, but we don’t usually have an audiance, and rest assured (people I don’t know) there are things I wouldn’t even tell myself over coffee! That’s the problem. Public diaries are just a bit too public for those tight, wet things that sit on your chest like cold blankets…but secret ones, wouldn’t feel very satisfying.

For me, the point of writing is to communicate. Writing in a book then closing it up and shoving it under the mattress would feel a bit sad – like shouting into the wind, or into the most uncaring and unfeeling of places. In a way, communicating what you can’t say is the better option. Maybe I should have a go at writing some poems about it too! Those ones that are completely impenetrable and impossible to decipher, best of both worlds there!


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