Go Between (draft)

March 17, 2008

I met one of your teachers
just the other day –

the one with the name like gosling –
soft feathers of baby birds –

corsage worn by bride or girl –
Mr Gossage – showed me to the room

where we were taught –
asked me how our mother was –

said he’d kept
the paper that you wrote

for years and years until
just recently –

perhaps it fell apart.

He’d always thought you’d
work in Academia – so I told him –

about your education
your Oxford Don and

Doctorate winning thesis
something to do with

literary criticism
and Walter de la Mare.

You should know –

they hold your face,
somewhere safe in slanting boards:

a young man,
with a pipe,

a jacket patched –
with corduroy.

I told them that you didn’t smoke.
About the corduroy, wasn’t sure.

2 Responses to “Go Between (draft)”

  1. patrick said

    Hi. I like this piece quite a bit and see your struggling with the ending a little bit. I’m not sure, but I think you should bring the teacher’s name back into toward the end of the piece… or a reference to the definition you outline in the beginning. The last five or six lines are excellent. I really like “you should know they hold your face somewhere safe in slanting boards”. Curious to see what comes of it.

  2. Hello, Thanks for reading and commenting – that’s really helpful advice and will give me something more to work against with the piece.

    Love the writing on your site. Nice to find someone else using their blog as part of their writing process. It sometimes has its disadvantages (risk of people thinking rough drafts are finished pieces!) but overall I really get what you’re saying about having all your work in one place and easily cataloged to get to. Exactly how I feel!

    Will look forward to reading more of you. Lydia

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