March 19, 2008

How much cake
is ok to eat
at one sitting?

Does it make a difference
if it’s dinner, or the middle
of the afternoon? Oh!

I’ve just had two
grainy slabs of chewy cake.
One made with carrots,

the other fruit.
If you buy them from the shop
with the health food –

does it stop them being unhealthy?
If you have them at 5
then later have supper

If you drink them with tea
and then go to sleep,
content as a guppie-

Surely, that can’t be wrong?


2 Responses to “Cake”

  1. Nessa said

    This is an awesome blog. Keep up the work! I’m just scopping out blogs to create my own…

  2. Shay said

    “content as a guppie”, I love it. though I confess that I have never spoken to a guppie to ascertain just how happy they can be, it is one of those things one instinctively knows, don’t you think? Especially if one drops some cake in their tank, instead of the same old dreary fish food.

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