After he left the bar

March 27, 2008

Just before he left
I’d talked about the song by Radiohead –
the one that –

use to fly like Peter Pan
that Ricky Gervais
once had said

raised a lump
in his mouth.

I’d mentioned this
and then he’d left…

and it began to play.

Which only goes to show
coincidence alive and well –
inside of bars and random chat.

It was a little like the pair of gloves –
the ones we’d watched –
rollered by the tractor just outside.

You would have got
the metaphor
if you’d been drinking at the bar.

2 Responses to “After he left the bar”

  1. Pam said

    Love it- a couple of suggestions; could just say ‘I’ instead of ‘I’d’-helps the story along better and also, maybe, ‘It was like the pair of gloves’-don’t think you need ‘a little’. Intriguing image on its own. x

  2. Lovely Pam. Think it’s a bit random. Was in the Orange Tree for 10 seconds breathing time earlier today and wrote it then. Working on the principle better to write than not – some kind of writing recovery programme. I’ve decided writing’s like photography. If you take enough shots ones bound to come out ok. Surely?!, not sure it’s this one though;)

    Shame couldn’t make Mark Gwynne’s workshop this eve. I’m leading one tomorrow out in the sticks – English and exchange students, with quite a lot of extra needed to stay home and plan:(

    What was it like? LXXX

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