The Furniture Dinosaur

April 5, 2008

The furniture dinosaur’s moving again.
Flexing it’s sections of oak paneled thigh,
raking it’s bar table – aluminum
clavicle over linoleum tiles.

The furniture dinosaur
only comes out when it’s dark; scrapes
stacked drawers of crushed hearts,
up against the wall outside.

Upstairs, in number 12,
it’s swishing like a crocodile –

which always means
that I must stay
dust quiet –
and not attract attention.


2 Responses to “The Furniture Dinosaur”

  1. If i left all the comments that I wanted to on your poems,
    not only would they be very boring and repetitive,
    I’d also seem like quite the stalker.

    Another jem.

  2. You’re very lovely. Just trying to keep writing regularly. It’s always lovely to have stuff commented on so thanks alot. LXX

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