Live Boxing

April 6, 2008

Yesterday was a really odd day. Mostly nowadays, my days are good. Up beat happyish affairs. Not to sound too idyllic – but there are sometimes runs, often cups of tea. There are pieces of cake. There are episodes – of the Sopranos. So, yesterday came as not entirely welcome. Odd mood. Tearful. Like the whole world was going to end. Obviously, it got better.

It got to the end of the day and I’d been planning on doing the Live Box (poetry jamming session) down at The Y Theatre – but in my then present mood, I was starting to have doubts. Getting up on stage, moving and shaking and performing over live jazz – in a mood like a mud scraped shoe – didn’t seem like the best plan I’d ever had. Like alcohol you know – if you’re down, you should probably leave it alone. However, the alternative was staying in. And stewing. And we’d completely run out of Sopranos episodes.

So I went. And it was wonderful.

This month’s band was a group called Z-U (pronounced Zu). When I got down there the audience wasn’t the fullest it’d ever been – none of the Leicester artist crew (as I’ll call them here) had made it along. But Sureshot had, and so had I.

The music was dense like a concertina. Multi-layered like a mille feu. The group was a proper jazz trio. Base guitar, sax and drums and as the first song played it was liked stepping into a snowstorm – notes buzzing everywhere, tingling down your spine in tiny explosions. As the set continued, things started to settle down a bit. Melodies started to edge forward, but all the time there was that same energetic tension of sound on the edge of freestyle.

In the second half there were only 4 Live Boxers. Me, Sureshot, a drummer and guitarist. Sureshot did his blues for black. I put a couple of new pieces together (Strawberry and Oboe) and just went with it. Had such fun and we seemed to go down well.

Afterwards, people came up and asked if we often performed together. Nearly said no, but then realised that we actually do. Obviously, The Freedom Showcase – but nowadays also every live box – and we often travel to gigs together. I love performing with him:)

The band were so cool. Afterwards we sat talking for ages and they invited us down to the Birmingham Drum, to live box with them next Sunday. Definitely, definitely, definitely. Also gonna see if I can get more of a crew together though…

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