The Furniture Dinosaur (2)

April 6, 2008

The furniture dinosaur’s moving again.
Flexing it’s sections of oak paneled thigh,
raking it’s bar table – aluminum
clavicle over linoleum tiles.

The furniture dinosaur
only comes out when it’s dark; scrapes
stacked drawers
of shelved hearts.

Upstairs, in number 12 –
it’s swishing like a crocodile – dinosaur –
dancing: tapping out a beat
like a drummer with a stool.

The furniture dinosaur
knows how to move.

It’s doing the rumba
sashaying numbers
that would make you blush
if you could see them groove.

I’d like to
go up there
and tell it a thing or two –
but at times like these

it’s risky – far too unpredictable.

4 Responses to “The Furniture Dinosaur (2)”

  1. pamthompsonpoetry said

    D’yer know what, lyd..I might start at st. 3.
    ‘Upstairs, in number 12..’

    miss out the ‘knows how to move’ bit, than go to ‘it’s doing the rumba etc’

    It comes out when its dark, flexes its ..bits..I’m paraphrasing

    its actions are so vivid

    could an ending be something about joining its dance being risky rather than the telling x

  2. Hi Pam,

    Thanks alot for that. Done a bit of editing – think I like it better. You’re so insightful…wanted to put spaces into lines – like your Oriental poem – but WordPress won’t do it. How did you get yours to?


  3. Pam said

    It took ages for me to do it and I don’t quite know how they stayed there. Do you use the Advanced toolbar features on the blog where you paste straight from Word via that? Not sure whether that makes any difference-wanted spaces in my last posting but it wouldn’t let me and sometimes you cjust have to get on with life…:)

    Love these furniture poems. x

  4. Thanks hon,

    think the Table of Longing needs a little more work – but will maybe leave it a bit and look again later. No, haven’t noticed the advanced toolbar, often write straight into the box, rather than cutting and pasting. Life may, as you say, be too short;)


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