Venus Arrives

May 27, 2008

I’m holding up a three piece suit
and a matching basque
with a mini skirt – This

is my Venus outfit.

Venus didn’t need any clothes
but we can’t all be perfect, so

mine consists of
gold sandals: 5 inches of
cold heel and an anklet –
a slim chain of pretend silver,
a tattoo drawn above my clevage
and a fake tan.

Venus was pale, but you’ve got to adjust
for the strong light cast by Hellenic sun.

My hair – will never be that long.
My version needs jewels.
My version needs a bra –

and I don’t just go
telling anyone that
but time about comes
when enough’s enough:

My Venus comes with a full on face
and a regular hair cut, salon wax
when I can afford it. Course

I’m not the only one.

Type in Venus on a regular search,
and you’ll get all kinds
of razor blade crap,
hair, nails, fair bit of sex –
but you also get the original:

Venus arrives on a shell.

She’s standing there
naked and bare as the sea in her hair.

Some cherubs to her left are blowing her home
and a women to her right is there with a cloak –

so it’s got the look of a set up.

I wonder if Venus
trailed a net behind her boat.
a cloth wrapped bundle
filled with dreams, like messages rolled
into green bottles.

Would she uncork each
in a hut by the sea?
Search out meaning
in the music within?

When she left the beach
would she walk past windows
wide as liners, hung with garments to
undermine her – teach her, show her
where she lacked. Would she fish

crumpled notes from out of glass
swap bright dreams for nylon maps
unfurl dresses clean as sails, black
as doubt, would these sustain her?

Or would she tie them round her shell
drag it over sand and shale
wait till sunrise,
with no fanfare
use both hands
to paddle

2 Responses to “Venus Arrives”

  1. rick mobbs said

    Wow! This is wonderful!

    And Happy Birthday!


  2. Thankyou, that’s much appreciated of you to say:) Working on a whole series of pieces like this. Must get over to your lovely pictures soon. LX:)

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