29 on the 29th

May 29, 2008

It’s my Birthday today. It’s been in my head every since I remembered it was going to happen. First, I was going to go to Aberystwich with my boyfriend. We were going to have left last weekend, on the bank holiday, and come back this weekend, catching my birthday in between. But I had to lead a poetry workshop on the Saturday we’d been intending to leave. Then we went to see the Dalai Lama in Nottingham – we’d had tickets booked but I’d forgotten. So, we decided to go the week after next instead, and I got thinking on a new plan for today.

This is my plan. I am 29 on the 29th. Today I will not work.

This is unusual for me. As I sit typing this I’m itching to get a press release I started yesterday off on an email. But I won’t. I shouldn’t even talk about it. Here’s what’s happened so far:

Woke up at 9am. Damo made me breakfast. Lovely Damo. Opened a card from my Uncle Michael. It had 50 pounds in it. Lovely Uncle Michael. It was also a very, very thoughtful card. Rang the hairdresser, booked a haircut for 1.15pm. Went for a run. I haven’t been for a run for ages, but if I had to come up with ‘my perfect day’ that’s how it would start. Should therefore do more often, but yay – I did it – and the canal was beautiful this morning.

After my haircut I’m going to go to the City Gallery and buy myself a necklace. I’ve had my eye on the stuff there every since we opened Future Bright, the NHS’s first open art show, in April. After that, I might, I’m not sure, be talking poetry with the lovely Ivory. Then I’m meeting people for food and stuff.

A few things have come up recently – around my work, where it’s going, some good, some I’m more unsure about. I’ll do another blog post about them later today. I’m 29 on the 29th – feels like I should spend some time reflecting.

2 Responses to “29 on the 29th”

  1. Clay Lowe said

    Happy Birthday Lydia.

    I must across to Word again soon.

    See ya and enjoy yourself.


  2. Thanks Clay:)

    Come to WORD! Come to WORD!

    We’re on again on Wednesday, June 4th – come perform:) LXX

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