Venus Walks into a Bar

June 17, 2008

Venus walks into a bar
Naked. Barman says:

‘Venus, Venus,
every night the same thing:
you come in here, no clothes, no money
and you just stand there, saying nothing
till I pour you a drink. It’s bad for business –
customers don’t know what to make of it
strip bars – they understand – but this?
You’re killing me, Venus.
Baby, listen to me.

Venus stands there,
arms folded beneath her ribs,
bare feet glistening
on the oak wood paneling.

The barman pours her drink.

He says:

‘Look, if you’re gonna do it
least you could do is wear some sequins.’

2 Responses to “Venus Walks into a Bar”

  1. Excellent, excellent, excellent!

  2. Very nice of you. Think it might need the on the rocks bit lifted, just thinking on it. LX

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