On Route

July 2, 2008

These photos
were taken by Red Riding
on her way across the forest –

they start in summer,

(lizard green and yellow
like a salamander’s gullet)

end in Jan,

(bright teeth, lodged against the
black mouths of curved paths.)

You can’t see the girl
in any of them.
She was behind the lense.

There’s one –
that’s opened up a bowl
of tangled roots.

She took it as the wolf
had got her by the throat.

But can you see the shadow in the last?

It’s a photograph
of the blossom scattered ground –
and the detail is lost in the twigs,

but there she is –

she’s a dark shape
picking the fur
from off his skin –

sewing it in-
to a bloody coat.

One Response to “On Route”

  1. Friendly Neighbourhood Pedant said

    I can’t see the photos, I’m afraid, but these library computers aren’t up to much. Thanks to your vvivid desciptions, however, I can imagine them quite well, and very spooky they are too.

    One thing rankles, though…well, two, to be more accurate (and there’s not much point being a pedant if you’re not accurate, is there?), viz.:

    1. The title – I think you mean ‘En route’.

    2. ‘Lense’ – should be ‘lens’.

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