Cinderella Foot Fetish: Co-lab Showing

July 19, 2008

I’m currently (would you believe) at my parents’ in Leicester. I’ve come home for my mother’s 60th Birthday, but I’m going back to Stratford tomorrow morning.

Earlier today, this afternoon, we all fed our co-lab pieces back – which in my case went better than I’d been expecting. The sex and gender group – which had started up at the open space session last week – had got very big indeed. At 14 or so people strong, all working in pretty different ways, I guess I’d been a bit worried about how we’d manage to produce something cohesive together. I’d also worried about the Cinderella Foot Fetish coming off ok.

Me and Niven (the other poet) had been working on the sections for it, whenever we could find the time – but it’d been a squeeze. The last scene was done in the tube on the way in yesterday and we hadn’t even read it through (let alone practiced performing it) until this morning. The structure of the showing we’d planned was to weave the Cinderella sections through the sex/gender themed pieces others in the group had created – but we hadn’t had time to plan how the different bits of the stage would be moved around to accommodate that. In the end we had to work that out live in front of the audience!

So, it was a worry – could have fucked up – but happily went ok. Obviously the whole thing was just a rough working of what we might do, if we decided to go further with it – but it seemed to get it across. We stuck a scene in with Saad (the amazing comedian from Pakistan) as our sex therapist, which I think really worked;) here’s an extract:

“So, Mr Charming – I’d like to try something: when I say a word I’d like you to respond with the first word to come into your head, Ok? Ok, here we go….‘Food’

Niven (as Charming)





The man is just so good, you should have seen him – he can’t do anything without making 100 people fall in love with him! The Theatre Royal have recorded the whole thing, so I might be able to post up a bit of the live recording here.

What was good was how well all the disparate stuff seemed to fuse together. Dan (the Scottish fiddler) and Ayanna (London Cellist) played this wicked spin the bottle music game thing at the beginning, with some of the rest of us spinning the bottle for them to play to. After that everyone stayed on stage – the dancers took a partner and Dan and Ayanna played courtly ballroom for them to dance to – me and Niven came on and it started up the first Cinderella scene – with us doing our monologues in the midst of it all – it was so much fun! We ended in a similar way – but it’s really hard to explain without just showing you.

At the moment, I think it might be nice to stay with the idea and develop it further – but we’ll have to see what the best way of doing that would be. It was certainly really nice to work with the dancers and musicians – and even just looking at the Cinderella stuff me and Niven wrote, having them all in it was really, really effective.

Right, should really go to bed I guess. Weird not being at UEL to sleep. Bet the guys are up late partying again…it’s almost like I’m staying up to join in! Very sad Lydia;)

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  1. rick mobbs said

    i am glad to find my way back here.

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