The Box

July 26, 2008

Once there was a box
but no one ever opened it
because they didn’t know what was in it.

They put it on top of a very high cupboard
where no one could see it
and it wouldn’t be a bother to anyone.

The box waited.

It waited all day and all night.
and all day and all night
and all day and all night

for years and years and years

until one day, they –
(the people in the house)
had a child – and the child
grew into a boy.

The boy loved exploring.

He explored in the kitchen and in the hallway
in the laundry and in the bathroom,
in the living room and in the bedrooms.

He explored under the stairs and in the garden
in the shed and in the parlour
under the beds and inside all the wardrobes

He explored whenever and wherever he could
and when he thought he could explore no more
he went into the spare room –

and that was when he found the box.

The box
was on the top
of the wardrobe

where the boys parents had left it

but for some reason –
even though the boy was pretty brave
he didn’t want to open it.

The boy thought of all the things
it might contain – like –

a crocodile with yellow fangs
an annaconda with a plan.

a monster made of cardboard boxes
or one made of rubber foxes
a monster made of shadowy creatures
or one made of lots of teachers

And the box waited
and the boy waited
and the box waited
and the boy waited

until at long last neither the boy or the box could wait any longer
and one night – when everyone else had gone to bed
the boy walked from his room
into the room with the box
and put a chair
up against the wardrobe
and stood on the chair
and reached up to the box
and slowly,
very, very slowly
using a blunt knife to cut the tape
opened the box up….


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