Tips for Finding Lost Catepillars. Draft 2

July 30, 2008

10 Tips for Finding Lost Caterpillars.

Leave the lid off their tank.
This was their home
you never know
they may come back.

Accept that this is unlikely.
Leaving the lid off is exactly
what got you into this mess
in the first place.

Leave leaves
at regular intervals
around the house.

Don’t tell anyone
why you are doing this.
There is no sense in causing
unnecessary alarm.

Loiter round corners.
Quietly call to them.

Walk carefully.
Hide all shoes.
Encourage others
to go bare foot.

Promise them anything,
in return for them coming back.

Don’t have
green furniture.

Don’t have
17 caterpillars.

If you lose them
hope that they turn

into 17 butterflies.

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