Summer Sundae Kids Show and other things

August 1, 2008

I really should be asleep. I’m being really shit at sleeping lately. I’m at my mother’s again. That probably explains it.

I’ve come to stay here because my brother, David, has also come down with his two little darlings – Kitty and Zak – both 5, both twins. I lovingly call them the little monsters.

Being here at the same time as them is pretty cool. They do of course have no morals. I get up, they insist on ‘fun’. I come home from work, they insist on ‘fun’. No momentary, ‘Auntie Lydia just needs a little sit down and a cup of tea, maybe some food’ – it’s just -‘WE WANT FUN! WE WANT FUN!’ 24/7. It’s pretty constant.

Actually, I don’t really mind. They get someone to play with, who they apparently don’t think of as like a normal adult (this is perhaps because I taught them how to blow bubbles into their drinks when they were 3, a lesson that immediately ended in Kitty drenching herself in orange juice, in a fancy restaurant, and her mother being less than pleased, I’m a bad influence) …but I also get hours of glowy feeling stuff too. And, I get a bizarrely enthusiastic audience for my poetry.

At the moment, this is especially appreciated. I’ve got a gig coming up in now under a fortnight, for which I’m trying to put together a 15 minute childrens poetry show. If you’ve read any other posts here, you’ll have seen the material being posted up as written.

What I’m really looking forward to about the gig, is the opportunity to work with another artist. What I really, really loved about living at Stratford for 2 weeks recently, was being able to do just that. I was surrounded by all manner of other artists – puppeteers, musicians, comedians, dancers, you name it , we had them – and we all got to collaborate with each other.

At the risk of sounding like a children’s story book myself – I really did learn a lot as a result of this. I learnt how much I loved it – how creatively enriching and supportive it felt – and my now starting to dawn breakthrough is not only how much I want to continue to do this, but also how much it should be possible – even between and outside of going back to the Theatre Royal. Working with Tim – the artist I’m going to do my children’s set with – is I hope going to be the first step in doing more stuff like that.

Tim Sayers, AKA Tim Boogie (his tribal name, I understand, from when he went to live in an African village with his partner a few years back) is a musician and circus practitioner. He can play guitar, sing, do magic, juggle and unicycle …though not necessarily all at the same time. Working with him is going be great, because though we’re used to working together (he’s also my NHS arts coordinating job share) we’re not use to working on personal arts projects together. He gets back from holiday this weekend and I’m really looking forward to sitting down, looking at the poems and thinking together about what we can do with them:)

The gig we’ll be doing is at Summer Sundae, quite a big nationally known music festival. My only regret is that neither the twins, or Damien (my boyfriend) will be able to come along and see whatever we do. K and Z leave for home the day before, and Damo won’t be back until the day after! Hopefully Tim will be able to bring Clare, his beautiful partner, and kids though.

Right, I should definitely go to bed now. It’s ridiculous, it’s got to be about 3am and the kids’ll be up in few hours!

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