Forest, wanted

August 14, 2008

to run away to.
Must have:

a dense border
like the concertinaed layering of a
black ball gown,

or a wedding dress
pulled through undergrowth,

alternatively, like the night-time
underneath a bed.

The successful applicant

will have enough trees
to burn down a large city,

will have enough leaves
to carpet the moon,

will be equally at home
in both the practical reality

and the fairytale story book
The successful applicant

must rustle in the dark,
be experienced in the fields

of wait lying, comforting the lost,
dappling light to look like hope,

The forest

must have a clearing
at it’s heart, large enough
to house a single women

and all of her not insignificant possessions.

Or be prepared to accommodate one.

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